Project Team


Dr Shelley McKeown Jones (Project Principal Investigator) is a lecturer in social psychology at the University of Bristol. Her interests include the study of identity, how we reduce prejudice, and young people’s pro-social behaviour.


Thia Dickey1

Thia Dickey (Project Research Associate) is a researcher in social psychology. Her research interests include the study of intergroup relations and trust, contact and conflict. She is also interested in exploring these themes across different cultural contexts.



Jaysan Charlesford (Former Project Research Associate) is a social psychology researcher.  His interests include the study of intergroup relations (how social groups think and feel about one another), and people’s political beliefs.


Kelly headshot

Kelly Burns (Project Research Assistant) is a student on the MSc Psychology of Education at the University of Bristol, and works as a Specialist Mentor at the University of Bath. Her research interests centre around social psychology, individual differences, and the links between health, education and psychology.



James Kiely (Project Research Assistant) is a healthcare assistant in a CAMHS inpatient unit for adolescents. He is interested in researching the identities, social attitudes, and mental health of young people.



Nishtha Narula is a postgraduate student on the MSc Psychology of Education, at University of Bristol. Her primary research interests are in the fields of social and clinical psychology, including concepts revolving around individual differences, psychotherapy and mental health.